Everything began with Tommaso and Maria and a deep intuition: unite the unique and extraordinary beauty of the Conca della Presolana with a warm welcoming, in an atmosphere of wellness and relax, activities and delicious cooking. There was passion, the lust of growing and improve, of keeping up with the times that change, but always remaining loyal to our values. A life dedicated to the family and to the Hotel Milano. From the initial 16 rooms, we have grown to 58, divided in three buildings: the main building, the Hotel Milano, the one dedicated to the sport lovers, the Active Hotel and the Chalet, the most mountain tradition-oriented. Today still, Maria and Tommaso are present in the business, giving their everyday contribute with great experience and unchanged passion. The sons Fabio and Roberto have continued with the family tradition, respectively as General Manager and Alpen SPA Director.

The three buildings together give life to the “Hotel Milano Alpen Resort Meeting & SPA”, where the key world, apart from “wellness” is “natural architecture”: Italian design, materials connected to the mountains, such as wood and stone. Let yourself enter in harmony with the surrounding nature, in a really welcoming environment, a traditional cuisine with neverending attention.

The restaurant “Al Caminone” with a stunning chimney that has been warming and lighting the dinners and evenings for more than 50 years, the “Enoteca Milano” for a tasting of the mountain cuisine, the “Lounge Bar” where you can enjoy amazing breakfasts with home made cakes and mountain fruit jams, prepared by our pastry chef. At the “Alpen Spa” you can refind an overall wellbeing for a deep recharge. Bio certificated and with a variety of treatments to satisfy every wish.

This is our history and our future.